We are a UK organisation dedicated to support a broad range of creative and cultural projects. We create and deliver resources that have a long term positive impact, such as aristic development, research and support to help communicate a brand's artistic fingerprint.


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We are building a community of dynamic managers and consultants to help you make that change in your brand and take a course of action, based on your current needs.

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Managerial Support

We provide support in business and artist representation, cultivating business and creative interests, defining goals, bringing together people and projects which meet the objective, focusing on the bigger picture and end goal.

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IV Vocal Arrangement

A&R Development

Artistic and commercial development of the recording artist, also acting as a liaison between the artist and the record label. We offer solutions based on goals, priorities and career level.

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We venture to help businesses and individuals in both the entertainment and corporate areas, from start up to large scale in all fields and mediums, to help reach their creative career or financial goals.

Our consultants have worked with world-renowned artists, individual’s labels and organisations to achieve their objectives.

In our consultations, we evaluate strengths and unique attributes and identify the current challenges. We provide guidance based on goals, priorities or career level, recommending realistic development options.

Our approach is personable as we understand both the business and creative side of the market and how they are vital to complement each other, offering a multi-value service.

Our philosophy is "A city on a hill can not be hidden, neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket",

Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez by Artistic Consulting

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