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Intermediate Management Support
Are you looking for intermediate management support in your transition to finding management, or work alongside with your label?

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Do you need direction on practical strategies or to discuss your overall career challenges and seek out solutions?

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Get motivation and  accountability to ensure your keeping focused and on track?
To ensure your mental forcus is in the game.


In our consultations, we endeavor to help all creatives in entertainment, from up and coming to advanced, in all styles and mediums reach their creative, career and financial goals.

We evaluate strengths and unique attributes as an artist and identify what challenges you are currently facing. We offer advice based on goals, priorities and career level.

What we can offer

Depending on the time we have (one or more sessions) and your objectives, you can expect to discuss such topics as:

  • Feedback about your art portfolio and website in general. (If you do not currently have a live website, we can provide options to help you get one up and running
  • Editorial advice about your EPK or biography
  • The best marketing strategies for you
  • Contractual support (as additional service with our Entertainment Lawyers)
  • Helping you navigate your label options if approached
  • How to identify a good management/company
  • Establish prices and raise the value of your bookings
  • Approach labels and publishers
  • Develop influential professional relationships
  • Improve your Social Media experience
  • Generate widespread publicity and recognition

Next Steps...

Any other areas you want advice on or questions you have please do not hesitate to call us to discuss how we can help.