What makes you unique?

How can one stand out, from the sea of creative attention-seeking individuals to make a living? There is so much competition feeding through media doorways, that sometimes it feels like you’re just like a grain of sand on the beachfront. Have we come to an information overload content crisis, and can the eyes and ears of a soul become so full that there is no more room left for a new thing?

Throughout history, human consumption of information has not ceased. The hunger for the new, news, updates, modern, fresh, knowledge, and entertainment has never ceased demand. It doesn’t make sense to model your portfolio to an existing creative. Don’t get me wrong, inspiration is shared and take on elements thereof, however, if it is copied, what we will be left will be a carbon copy, counterfeit.

You are, uniquely designed, your vocal box, your imagination, your projection, your texture, articulation and delivery, passion, expression, lyrical content, along with your look, style, and outer appearance can not authentically be copied, as it then would in fact a copy or counterfit.

What is my purpose when someone else has already lived it out?
You need to understand that what has been done, has already been done under the sun. Meaning, everything you’ve attempted, is likely to have been done before. The difference is, is that it hasn’t uniquely been done by ‘you’. The equation of ‘you’ plus talent can never be duplicated. You and the talent can become a beautiful collision.